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How to navigate?

This website contains many interactive maps such as the global maps as well as our networks. This page will explain in more detail on how to understand and navigate your way through this website.



Global Maps

These maps are organized based on various vaccines that came out during the pandemic. Each map has what the colors represent on the side as well as what vaccine it is. These maps can be used to see what countries have what vaccine and how much of there population has that vaccine. This can help with predicting which countries will struggle if a variant targets a specific vaccine (if the majority of the country has 1 vaccine then they will likley be more in trouble than a country that has multiple vaccines).


Machine Learning

This page contains a table that summarizes our accuracy rates for our Neural Network model. We compiled the data for all vaccines (percent of the population vaccinated for all countries) and we put them through our neural network with a split of 80 - 20 (we used 80% of our data to train the model and 20% to test the model). This table shows that our model was pretty accurate in predicting if a country would have a high or low risk of getting infected based on its vaccine percentage (the higher the vaccine percentage of 1 vaccine, the more chances that that country will struggle if that vaccine proves to be ineffective especially compared to a country that has multiple vaccines) and stringency (government regulation, the higher the number tighter the regulations lower the risk).




Step 1

Click the arrow on the left of the screen under the Vos Viewer logo


Network Science

These networks are ways to visualize the connections/similarities in vaccine percentages across various countries. These are interactive networks meaning you can drag, click, hover, and zoom. You can drag to see a specific area of the network; you can click on a country and see all the countries connected to that country; you can hover over a circle to see the country's name and strength/vaccine percentage; and you can zoom into specific countries. These networks are easy ways to visualize how if one vaccine faces an issue then all the countries that use the vaccine may struggle; however, some countries may struggle more than others as a higher vaccine percentage (more yellow) means that the population is more reliant on that vaccine. We have attached screenshots below to help guide you through the network. We have used Moderna as an example

Step 2

Once you click on the arrow a sidebar will show up. On the top of the bar will be View, Find, and Update. Under View click the small arrow under color


Step 3

Click on that arrow and there should be an option to sort by vac percentage (vaccine percentage) and that is the one that will show the countries at high or low risk. The num tab sorts the map based on the number of connections (so similar vaccine percentages) while the other 2 options randomly cluster the countries (they are not as useful)

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